I am Joseph Oluwagbemiro.

For I neither received it of man, neither was I thought it but by the revelation of Christ. (GALATIANS 1:12).

Beloved, Jehovah Himself called me into His glorious work and I will not be disobedient to the heavenly vision. He mandated me to carry out His kingdom love and eternity through the power and authority of the Holy Spirit. He revealed to me that’HE IS MY EVERYTHING’, the same with as many who will connect to the commission. Since then, God has graciously demonstrated that He is my everything eternally.
Precisely, on the 26th of October,2010, God began to give me the name and composition of His church and ministry for me. This gave birth to WORLD OUTREACH SAVIOUR INTERNATIONAL BIBLE MINISTRIES WORLDWIDE(WOSIB MINISTRIES), where I currently work as a pastor, and The Eternal HOLY SPIRIT is the Founder and General Overseer. You can read more here.
Take a look at my site for some inspiring and Holy Spirit filled words and teachings including prayers. I pray that as you connect with the Holy Spirit, your lives will not remain the same and you will end well in Jesus name, Amen.